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Author: Dell

The Pick of Summer Produce That Will Boost Your Health

Summer brings the chance to get outside, show off some skin and enjoy being outdoors in the warm, sunny weather. However, the best part about summer is that it brings us loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. And they are all filled with amazing health benefits. Below is some of the healthiest produce you can enjoy this summer. Watermelons How can you go wrong with a fruit that’s 92% water, tastes like summer and smells even better? Watermelons help keep you feeling full longer because they’re called hydrating foods, which means you curb your hunger and eat less. It...

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How To Achieve Perfect Slow Cooker Results Every Time

With so many fantastic slow cooker recipes available finding something to cook is never a problem. In fact, the hardest part is often deciding what to cook from the many choices. When you first buy a slow cooker, the manufacturer will supply enough recipes to get you started. From there, you can start to adapt some of your favorite recipes to suit the slow cooker. And once you’re up and running, check out the many resources online and in bookstores. But, before you begin cooking there are a few pointers you need to know about. These make it easy...

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Baked Sweet Potato Crisps – A Low Fat Super Snack

Getting the perfect crispy texture when making baked potato “chips” is not always easy. It can take some trial and error to get the crunchy exterior that makes a chip a chip! But, it’s worth the effort. Without the crispiness, you’ve got a pile of thinly sliced baked potato. And while these might taste delicious, they won’t deliver that satisfying crispy crunch. The good news? The method used in this recipe achieves the results you want. The trade off is it takes a little while to happen, so be sure to allow plenty of time for this one. It...

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Good Carbs And Bad Carbs : You Need To Know The Difference

As the main source of energy for your body, carbohydrates are a very important part of what you eat. Carbohydrates have been in the spotlight ever since diets like the Atkin’s Diet and the South Beach Diet. Currently, the ‘Low Carb’ diet is popular and it too recommends cutting carbs as much as possible. But, before making any decisions about what foods to include or cut in your diet, it is crucial to learn about carbohydrates. You need to understand what they do for your body and how to identify good carbs from bad carbs. Why You Need Carbs...

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10 Surprising Ways Coffee Will Make You Healthier

  There is nothing quite like the sweet smell and taste of coffee in the morning. But, is it okay to drink a cup every day? Coffee is the most drank beverage in the world, in fact, 54% of Americans drink coffee daily. So there is a good chance you are one them. Many people drink coffee for energy or because they love the taste. But did you know it actually offers many health benefits? Let’s take a look at 10 reasons enjoying coffee on a daily basis is a good thing. Some of these will no doubt surprise...

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